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Tired of Twitter Shenanigans? Have You Tried… Listservs?

If you’re a Twitter user, you’re probably annoyed right now. Twitter’s made yet another tone-deaf change to the way their platform works. That’s right. Now you can tag as many people as you want without a limit! So exciting! Just what we’ve been waiting for! I’m sure Twitter thought this would be really convenient. The […]

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long URL problem

The Solution to URLs so Long They Reach the Sky

Emails can have tons of problems. They can get caught in spam filters. Or get misformatted. Or possibly implode. (OK, maybe not.) But here’s something you may or may not think of as a problem with email–really, really, really long URLs. Why is this a problem and what’s your long URL solution? Well, read on. […]

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filter listserv emails in outlook

How to Group Your List Emails in Outlook

Getting too many emails from your email discussion list? Are they drowning out your work and personal emails? Use Outlook? Want to know how to filter listserv emails in Outlook? Here’s how to put your list emails into their own folder in both Outlook, desktop version. See here for another guide on how to put […]

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organizing your listserv emails

How to Group Your List Emails in Google Inbox

Does your inbox look like a garbage dump? Are your listserv emails devouring your important messages? Are your discussion list emails taking up a ton of space in your Google Inbox? Do you want to address them all at once instead of one at a time? Maybe you want to group your emails or send […]

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sort email in yahoo mail

How to Group Your List Emails in Yahoo Mail

Do you want to keep all your listserv emails separate so you can find them easily? Do you get a lot of emails from your many email discussion lists and wish they were all sorted out automatically? Is your inbox a tangled wreck? Do you use Yahoo mail? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s […]

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GNU Mailman

The Pros and Cons of GNU Mailman and Virtual Servers

There are many ways of setting up a listserv. One popular option is GNU Mailman. GNU Mailman is a free open source package for running email discussion groups. It’s installed on a server and then handles the redirecting of list emails and gives you an admin interface. But is GNU Mailman actually “free”? Let’s explore […]

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business email tips

A Handy Business Email Checklist

You’ve spent five precious minutes writing an important business email and your mouse is poised over that send or reply button. But wait! Want some business email tips? Before you send your email out into the great unknown, go down this handy checklist. Business Email Tips – A Checklist Is your tone friendly? Emails tend […]

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mobile friendly email

4 Ways to Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly

According to a 2016 study of their emails by Litmus, mobile opens are up at 56%. That means over half of people reading their emails are doing so on a phone or a tablet, i.e. a tiny screen that shrinks emails down into something that’s not always readable. So if you’re doing email marketing, of […]

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free listserv service

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free Listserv Service

Free sounds great, right? But there’s truth in the adage that you get what you pay for. While a free listserv may sound tempting, they can have strings attached. That’s why I’m going to give you some reasons I think you shouldn’t use a free listserv service. First though, what free listserv services am I […]

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group email service

How to Justify Paying for a Listserv

There are lots of good reasons not to use a free listserv. (More privacy. No ads. Better support.) But how do you justify spending money on a group email service to whoever is over you when you could just keep using Yahoo or Google Groups? The best way is to hit the bottom line–cash flow. […]

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