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export a MBOX

How to Export Files from Gmail (Inbox) and Yahoo as a MBOX

Maybe you want to move to a different email provider. Maybe you need to export an archive for a new listserv. Either way, the best plan is to export your files from Gmail and Yahoo as a MBOX, an old Unix file type that’s still used for email archives across both PC and Mac. Here’s […]

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listserv management

What Does Listserv Management Software Do for You?

So a group mailing list is basically just a bunch of people who email each other with the reply all button, right? Sure, that might work. It’s a bit haphazard and lots of messages might get lost in the shuffle. But it’s free and handy and how else would your aunt send you those giant lists […]

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problems with yahoo groups

The Problems with Yahoo Groups as Told by a Former User

The problems with Yahoo groups just keep getting worse. Basically, this platform for hosting group discussions grows more restrictive and error prone as time goes on. And, it’s also, you know, Yahoo. A site which I haven’t look at, except for my spam email box, for more than half a decade. So should you start a […]

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Reasons to Charge Fees for Your Listserv

3 Reasons to Charge Fees for Your Listserv

Last week, I talked about whether you can get away with charging money for your listserv. And how to figure out how much to charge. But why should you make that jump from free to paid? Are there really any benefits?  Today I’m going to give you some good reasons to charge fees for your […]

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online local community

In Defense of Local Online Communities

I think everyone would agree that a local community is a good thing. Being part of a local community means helpful neighbors, farmers’ markets, events for the kids, and people that have your back when things are bad. Local communities are as old as history. Nowadays, though, local communities have a new opportunity–they can easily […]

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how to promote your online community

How to Promote Your Baby Online Community

So you want to make an online community (or you’ve already made a community) and you’re wondering how to get those first few people to join. (Here’s some tips for starting a group mailing list if you haven’t made one yet.) There’s nothing sadder than an empty echoing community, really. Here then are some simple, […]

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encouraging kindness in your online community

Making Community Kind – A How-to of Kindness

Antman234 is exchanging heated words with KickThem45 on your community. They’re arguing over who is better, Batman or Superman. Or maybe it’s Wonderwoman or the Green Lantern. It’s hard to tell now. It’s not a civil argument. Certain words are being used. Things are being implied about each others’ respective mothers. Assumptions are being made. The […]

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make money running a listserv community

Can You Make Money Running a Listserv Community?

Being a good, honest, hardworking person who runs a listserv community but only has so many hours in a day, you may have thought to yourself: Can I make money running a listserv community? Well, that’s an interesting question. People do charge fees for access to their listserv. Obviously, most associations that include a listserv charge […]

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What Do Community Managers Do All Day?

What do community managers do, exactly? Short Answer: No one seems to know…exactly. Medium Answer: Lots of things. Pretty much anything that has to do with managing a community. But probably not what a social media manager does, maybe. Unless they do. Long Answer: The community manager wears many hats. Which is already confusing. Even […]

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Deal With Trolls in Your Listserv

How to Deal With Trolls in Your Listserv

There’s a troll in my listserv! A troll, in my listserv! What do I do? Well, don’t panic. Trolls are annoying, but you can learn how to deal with trolls in your listserv. First, what’s a troll? Well, that’s often hotly debated. The word has evolved within the last decade. But, generally, trolls are people online […]

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